Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Graphite Objects from Agelio Batle

Studio 391, Gualala, CA - Sculptor Agelio Batle has just introduced four new graphite objects, horn, fleur de lys, turret shell and sparrow.

These sculptures are not only works of art, but also act as a drawing or writing tool. They are cast using carbonaceous graphite, which contain a smudge-resistant compound. The entire sculpture can be used just like a pencil, as the entire surface is graphite.

Each graphite object is produced as a limited series.

> View more of Agelio Batle's graphite sculpture

I had the opportunity to visit Agelio over the summer at his studio in San Francisco. His showroom was filled with an archive of graphite objects plus his other artwork and assorted other items including furniture that he used to design.

As much as I wanted to see the work room that was not allowed as his smudge-resistant formula has a patent pending therefore no visitors beyond the showroom. Did you know it took Agelio over a year to perfect the smudge-resistant compound for his graphite objects?